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The Hill Hub is on a mission to create a network of thriving businesses.

Rehoboth Property International, London’s premier property investment and acquisition firm has acquired the former Dartford Magistrates Court and Police station and is converting to co-working spaces for local businesses.

Rehoboth Property Group

Launching a new co-working space chain, The Hill Hub, posed several challenges, including establishing a strong brand identity in a competitive market and attracting tenants to multiple locations.

The challenge was to create a cohesive brand image that resonated with freelancers, startups, and remote workers while differentiating The Hill Hub from existing co-working spaces. With the need to appeal to diverse audiences across various locations, our task was to develop a versatile brand strategy that could be effectively implemented both digitally and in print.

Our goal was to develop a comprehensive branding strategy that positioned The Hill Hub as a premier destination for professionals seeking a collaborative and dynamic workspace.

Leveraging our expertise in Brand Strategy, Digital Strategy, Print Design and Production, and Website Design and Development, our objective was to create a cohesive brand experience that reflected the unique offerings of each location while maintaining consistency across the chain. Our aim was to attract tenants, foster community engagement, and drive occupancy rates through strategic branding initiatives.

Through collaborative efforts, we successfully executed a robust branding campaign for The Hill Hub. Our Brand Strategy defined the brand's identity, values, and voice, providing a solid foundation for all branding initiatives.

Digital Strategy efforts focused on increasing online visibility and engagement through targeted marketing campaigns and social media presence. Print Design and Production materials, including brochures, flyers, and signage, effectively communicated the brand’s message and amenities to prospective tenants. The Website Design and Development provided an intuitive platform for users to explore each location’s features, amenities, and pricing, ultimately driving inquiries and bookings.

As a result, The Hill Hub experienced heightened brand awareness, increased tenant inquiries, and improved occupancy rates across all locations, solidifying its position as a leading co-working space chain in the market.

We excel in crafting distinctive brands that set themselves apart from the competition.

We excel in crafting distinctive brands that set themselves apart from the competition.

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