Oyetty Ready Meals

Delicious Ready Meals packaged with love.

The new African takeaway food range with love - Oyetty Ready Meals.

Oyetty Meals

Oyetty Ready Meals, an African food ordering and takeaway brand, approached us with the challenge of establishing a distinctive brand identity that celebrates the richness and diversity of African cuisine.

The challenge was to differentiate the brand in a competitive market while effectively conveying the convenience and authenticity of their ready-to-eat meals. With the increasing demand for online food delivery services, our task was to create a compelling brand presence that resonated with customers both online and offline.

The project involved detailed planning and working closely with external companies and professionals (from Nutritionist to Photographer etc) to make sure the project was delivered to time and budget.

Our goal was to develop a comprehensive branding strategy that positioned Oyetty Ready Meals as a premier destination for authentic African cuisine, offering convenient and delicious ready-to-eat meals. Leveraging our expertise in Brand Strategy, Photography, Digital Strategy and Marketing, Print Design and Production, and Website Design and Development, our objective was to craft a cohesive brand experience that captured the essence of African culture and appealed to a diverse audience.

Through collaborative efforts, we successfully executed a robust branding campaign for Oyetty Ready Meals. Our Brand Strategy defined the brand's identity, values, and voice, providing a solid foundation for all branding initiatives.

Captivating Photography showcased the vibrant flavors and ingredients of African cuisine, enticing customers to explore the brand further. Digital Strategy and Marketing efforts increased the brand’s online visibility, driving traffic to the website and boosting orders. Print Design and Production materials maintained consistency across all touchpoints, reinforcing brand recognition. The Website Design and Development provided a seamless platform for customers to browse the menu, place orders, and engage with the brand. As a result, Oyetty Ready Meals experienced heightened brand awareness, increased customer engagement, and a significant uplift in orders, establishing its position as a leading provider of African ready-to-eat meals.

The new African takeaway food range with love - Oyetty Ready Meals.

The new African takeaway food range with love - Oyetty Ready Meals.

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